Is homework illegal if someone does it for me?

is homework illegal?

Homework is a necessary part of almost any college course, as students need to polish knowledge gained during theoretical classes through exercise, and homework is helpful for this purpose. However, some students prefer doing their homework with friends or tutors if they need deeper explanations. Still, this practice can seem to contradict university academic integrity policies, and students nervously ask themselves, “is homework illegal when someone explains to me things I did not understand in class?” Usually, the answer to this question is negative, as using one’s help to understand the subject better is an acceptable academic practice.

Reasons why students struggle with homework

Although the homework usually complies with the course contents and students have to solve it using knowledge and skills gained through previous lectures, the real situation is not always as bright as the theoretical image of happy and easy learning. Education is a separate professional area for a reason, and many college professors who are brilliant specialists in their research can be less talented educators. They can jump from topic to topic, make their lectures too complex, or provide their students with in-depth explanations of one question while barely touching others. In these situations, students have to cooperate to understand the task better.

However, even the students’ “group mind” cannot always solve a task, which requires profound subject knowledge, without outer help, and homework help services can provide them with additional support when necessary. The EssayHave website is a homework help service that provides students with sample essays and homework commented by experts. Students can use them as examples for their writing to polish their structure, style, and formatting skills. The service proposes various kinds of sample papers depending on their complexity, length, and the deadline the student is ready to set for their sample paper.  

Peculiarities of getting homework help

Nevertheless, many students pose a reasonable question “is homework illegal if I did it with someone’s help?” Apparently, they do not want to violate academic integrity and break university rules, so here are advice that helps use homework help services legally:

  • Do not plagiarize others’ work. Direct copying of other people’s work without giving respective credits can be considered plagiarism. Although there are numerous free essays available on the internet, most of them have already been indexed and detected by anti-plagiarism software, so copying them will result only in grade lowering.
  • Submitting another person’s work is considered plagiarism. If you take another student’s essay and submit it instead of your own, it will still be plagiarism. You can read others’ works and take inspiration or ideas from them, but you should not copy them directly. 
  • Sample papers can help you improve your writing. A sample paper is an example of an essay that serves as a customized “inspiration source” for students who need help with their homework. Sample papers can be supplied with comments and explanations on the essay structure, formatting features, and writing conventions. Thus, the student uses them as an example of quality writing, which is completely normal and convenient.

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