Can you use I in a research paper: A brief overview of the is

Can you use I in a research paper? This question becomes relevant nowadays as different scholars tend to represent contrasting stances on this matter. The traditional approach to writing a research paper prohibits the use of first-person pronouns as scholarly and ethical standards strictly regulate the style of the writer. However, there is a rising trend that questions the application of old rules by offering their compelling arguments. The current situation denotes finding a compromise between the opposing sides, though it is important to limit or avoid using the first-person pronoun in writing research papers.

Can you use I in a research paper

Why you should avoid use I in a research paper

The primary arguments are straightforward, and they denote both ethical and professional approaches to the scholarship. The use of “I” in research can undermine the objectivity and credibility of the research, and it is crucial to avoid bias in regard to ethics. Also, professors necessitate avoiding first-person pronouns to develop the objectivity of the student’s judgment and distance from personal reasoning. The same strategy nurtures the analytical skills and critical thinking that have a decisive role in studying and future scholarship. 

Can you use I in a research paper on rare occasions?

The counterargument to the paragraph above emphasizes the use of first-person pronouns in specific instances, especially in the parts of the research paper like introductions, abstract, and conclusion. However, there are specific rules and principles that require the writer not to use or exploit these references. The student should not begin with referring to himself or a group of individuals, though the team project may allow the use of “I” or “we” to distinguish distinct parts of the conducted work. The same statements can indicate the acknowledgments in the context of a researched subject.   

How to avoid mistakes and confusions?

The best recommendations for writing research papers denote the use of instructions and professor’s commentaries. Students should be attentive to the requirements and grading criteria of the research paper that provides a detailed list of requirements and writing standards. It means that these guidelines must mention the prohibitions and factors that can lower the final grade of the work. If these points are not specific in regard to the use of first-person pronouns, writers should address this concern to their professors for clarifications. However, professors tend to clarify this issue before the work begins. 

Can you use I in a research paper: final thoughts

The use of the “I” pronoun depends on several factors, especially the professor’s requirements with instructions. However, the best approach to writing the research paper is minimizing first-person pronouns, and writers should address these uncertainties to the educator. It is possible to visit the writing service for receiving professional consultation and support that is further available 24/7. It is necessary to admit that the academic level and academic discipline can add complexity to the given topic, and students have to be attentive to the details and concentrate on the mentioned above points.

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